Wine production

With its first appearance on the local and international scene a few years ago, Four Friends caused a stir with the exceptional taste of its wines.The Four Friends winery has over 40 hectares of vineyards in the Thracian Valley, the best wine growing region of Bulgaria. Our estate is nestled in the folds of the landscape near the village of Gorno Botevo, east of the district centre of Stara Zagora.

“Vinzavod” Asenovgrad was established on 15.X.1947, on the basis of the winegrower’s cooperative “Stanimashki Mavrud”. As the raw material base grows, the enterprise develops and production constantly increases.In the annals of the company’s history, the year 1958 will remain memorable, associated with the construction of a cellar for processing grapes with a capacity to produce wine for 6 million liters. In 1963, the first installation for heat treatment and stabilization of wines, as well as a bottling line, was put into operation.Currently, “Vinzavod” JSC Asenovgrad has the capacity to process 13 million kg. grapes and production and bottling of 15 million bottles of high quality wines. Grapes from the varieties “Cabernet Sauvignon”, “Merlot”, “Mavrud”, “Rubin”, “Syrah” and others are processed.In recognition of the preserved tradition, professionalism and excellent quality of the products offered over the years, “Vinzavod” AD has won over 200 medals and honorary diplomas from international competitions. Awards from prestigious forums, added to the recognition of customers around the world, have long established the company as a preferred partner not only on the Bulgarian, but also on the international markets. Traditions here have a future, which is guaranteed by professionalism, correctness and high quality of production.


Our winery is specialized in producing high quality white, red and rosé wines. We have our own laboratory, fermentation room and bottling workshop. Our wine-cellar is located underground with an area of 500 sq. m.. The temperature in the wine-cellar is always between 12 and 14 degrees centigrade for the best storage of both barrels and wine. We equipped our winery with modern wine-production technology – Bulgarian, as well as Italian.In order to produce the highest quality wine we have ensured a fully closed cycle of production – from the grapes to the bottling of the wine. The grape used in our wines is exclusively produced from our own vineyards so that we can be sure of the top quality of the final product. For the aging of the wine we use french oak barrels that delicately soften and permanently supplement the taste and aromas of the wines. Some of our wines are seasoned from six months to one year. For bottling we use natural Portuguese cork.Each year we produce 4000 hectoliters of white and 6000 hectoliters of red wine.