Bulgarian Construction and Trade Consortium

пoffers a full range of services for the successful implementation of your business.

By working with the Bulgarian Construction and Trade Consortium,

you get access to a wide network of business contacts and partners.

Business privileges

Why invest in Bulgaria:

Bulgaria is a member state of the European Union and NATO

Registration of a commercial company is a quick procedure

The minimum capital of limited liability companies is EUR 1.00

In Bulgaria you can count on:

Highly qualified and multilingual workforce

Good business climate

Stable banking system

Expert business services

The Bulgarian-Italian Business Association will help your enterprise to achieve success. Together we will reach new horizons


Legal services

Commercial law;

Corporate law;

Property law;

Labor law and social security;

Consultations regarding the choice of a form for exercising the relevant business; preparation of the necessary documents for the establishment of companies, for the registration of branches and commercial representations;

Registration in the Commercial Register and other necessary registrations;

Preparation of company documents;

Mediation in negotiations and protection of your interests;

Drawing up the necessary documentation for the transaction;

Consultancy for investments in real estate and construction

Research, selection and assistance in renting or buying offices and residential premises according to criteria specified by you;

Research, selection and consultation for the purchase of plots for construction and construction of buildings – providing assistance or carrying out on your behalf a precise selection,

Design, construction, finishing works, equipment and commissioning of newly constructed buildings with all necessary permits or registration documents for the activity;

Changing the purpose of construction sites according to the needs and goals of the investment

Investors control

After-sales service to investors as needed;

Tax services

Tax services in the field of corporate taxation;

Consultations on VAT and customs duties;

Possibility of financing from European programs and funds

Assistance in participating in procedures under the Public Procurement Law and public-private partnership, concessions;

Consulting services related to personal income tax;

Advertising services

Advertising and communication strategies

Advertising planning

Positioning and management of advertising campaigns

Graphic design

Internet marketing and advertising

Creation of a website

Print ad

Outdoor advertising

Transport advertising


Consulting and administrative services

Assisting or carrying out on your behalf careful recruitment;

Implementation of continuous control of the operating company by all modern methods – secret client, surprise checks, independent audit.

Advertising across all our channels to find suitable businesses for acquisition;

Marketing research for import/export products and services;

Active marketing and conducting initial conversations with companies which meet your interest;

Mediation in negotiations and protection of your interests;


Additional benefits

Taxation in Bulgaria has attractive tax rates:

10% is the corporate tax on the taxable profits of companies

10% personal income tax

20% value-added tax

5% withholding tax on dividend distributions and liquidation shares

0% withholding tax on dividends for EU companies

Publishing activity

This section includes prepress, printing and publishing activities for books and other non-periodical publications (brochures, prospectuses, etc.)

Bulgaria offers:

Very good conditions for winter and summer tourism

Beautiful natural phenomena

Rich history. Bulgaria was founded in 681

Delicious cuisine