Dental practice DR. VALCHANOVI opened its doors in May, 1992. and one of the first private offices on the territory of the Vitosha region, Sofia.The practice is equipped with modern, high-tech and time-proven equipment, which is a guarantee of safety for both patients and staff.Another part of the equipment includes a digital X-ray machine for sector X-rays, installed in 2012.Dr. Valchanovi also has modern physiotherapy equipment combined with laser therapy. All instruments are stored in individual envelopes and sterilized in a type ‘B’ autoclave.

The company “Protey – M” was established in 1991 with the object of activity development and implementation of biotechnologies for the production of probiotics and functional foods for healthy and rational nutrition and for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the digestive system, of some glands with internal secretion of the endocrine system, uro-excretory and nervous systems. Highly qualified specialists work in it – engineers, technologists, microbiologists. Over the past ten years, the company “Protey – M” has created, registered and approved more than 20 probiotic preparations with the trade name “Enterosan”.

Scientific and Production Enterprise NPP “BIONOX”, founded in 1991 by a group of scientists, is a manufacturer of the Super Preparation IMUNOFAN Spray.When the immune system collapses for various reasons – great stress or exposure to chemical substances, then we are attacked by serious diseases, including oncology. In order to prevent this, preparations that normalize immunity should be taken.


An innovative Bulgarian company that is a producer of 100% organic fertilizers.Lumbreco was founded in 2014 and produces organic fertilizers that are applicable in both organic and conventional agriculture.Lumbreco is based on a precise combination of various organic components that have been proven to increase the quality and quantity of the harvest.