MV YANTRA AD entered into the heritage of one of the oldest machine building companies in the city of Gabrovo, Bulgaria, established in 1906 for production of spare parts for the textile industry. The plant had started a production of single textile machines from 1935, and a production of texting looms and spinning machines from 1957.The plant has begun the utilization and production of hoisting equipment since 1983. In the same period an Institute for textile machine building had been created. The most significant results of the plant dated 1985-1990, when the volume of annual production increased to 28 billion dollars, and a personal – to 1 600 employees.Because of its more than 100 years traditions in machine building, proactive research work, development of patents and qualified personal, today MV YANTRA AD offers the most innovative products on the market, as follows:

Electric wire rope hoists with lifting capacity from 500 to 32 000 kg

Standing and suspended crane end trucks

Double rail crane trolleys

Manual hydraulic pallet trucks

Complete crane kits (without main girder)

Crane components

The electric hoists and crane components take the core share in the manufactured and exported production of the company – high-tech and compact products with highest operational capacity and parameters.

We have the pleasure to present to You our company ”ELPROM TRAFO CH”, Kyustendil.We are a manufacturer of oil-immersed transformers, with a long-standing experience and over 50 years of history, a rich product gamma, international awards and diplomas, and also a Gold medal for best energy efficient transformer from the International technological fair Plovdiv.The company is certificated according to БДС EN ISO 9001:2015, БДС EN ISO 14001:2015 и БДС EN ISO 45001:2018.The plant manufactures the full gamma of three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformers with capacity rate from 25 kVA up to 5 MVA.We have proved ourselves on the local and international market, with sales in countries like Serbia, Ghana, Nigeria, Iraq, Sudan, Albania, Macedonia, Lithuania, Estonia, Austria and many others.Our company works with clients from all over the world and has reference from Bulgarian and International clients.

Production of polyethylene pipes for water supply and gas supplyThe high quality of our products is guaranteed by the own laboratory, which carries out the control of raw materials as input and output. The raw materials used are the leading companies in the world market such as Sabic, Ineos, Borealis, Bassel, Petrochemicals. Each batch of the delivered material is accompanied by a certificate of quality from the manufacturer. The laboratory performs input control of the main indicators of the raw material. The output also is carried out daily, constant quality control, in accordance with current international standards. For this purpose, the laboratory has the necessary instruments and apparatus necessary for these analyses, such as bench, hydrostatic pressure, bench for determination of durability, dynamometer and others. The company is keeping maintenance high quality. This is a guarantee for the quality management system ISO 9001 certificates-and compliance for ,Bulgarkontrola, AD.

А company, expert in the design and fabrication of products from Corian Solid Surface.We combine the twenty years of experience of our team with innovative thinking to create quality products and build excellent relationships with customers and partner companies.Our package service includes consulting, pricing, management and process planning, design, product development, delivery and installation.
In the last three years we have been the undisputed leader for Bulgaria in the design and fabrication of Corian Solid Surface products, with realized interior and exterior projects in the country and abroad.

“MAK” AD is a vertically integrated company that produces raw fabrics, with production lines for finishing – dyeing and printing fabrics, with a variety of enrichment technologies, including – hydro/oleophobic coating, lamination, antibacterial finishing, flammability reduction, treatment against insects (mosquitoes) and etc. The cycle closes with the production of ready-to-wear garments like military and police uniforms, workwear of all kinds and leisure and sportswear.

Sale of metals and metal products.Import and export of a wide range of sizes and brands of steel.Aside from trading metals, we also perform mechanical and heat treatment of metals and metal products, as well as all types of locksmith`s and welding procedures.Our production base has modern equipment, providing a wide variety of technological operations and guaranteeing high quality of our services.We store more than 1000 tons of carbon, structural, tool, alloy, fast-cutting, bearing and stainless steels, as well as profiles, sheets, pipes and more.