We established “BIGLA III” Ltd. in 1991 with the certainty that we could make our country more beautiful with high-end construction, based on sophisticated technology and quality execution of each detail. We hit the ground running, propelled forward by the dynamic of the decades. In the years since we began we have constructed tens of residential and business buildings. With the passing of the years our goals became bolder. We have proven that we are qualified to execute European projects and have entered the international market.

IDEA HOME Ltd. is a Bulgarian construction and investment company.For more than 18 years now we have been designing and constructing first-class residential buildings whose value has sustainably been on the rise.In our work we are guided by the mission that every client must receive the home of their dreams.We build impeccable buildings at carefully selected locations using high-quality materials, best engineering practices, and contemporary European standards for construction and energy efficiency.With attention to detail and quality execution, we accomplish harmony between aesthetics and functionality.Satisfied clients are our confidence. They inspire us to put our hearts and souls into every next project.The homes we build are not simply business, but rather a long-term relationship with the person – a bridge on which we walk with a look to the future and faith in a more welcoming city.IDEA HOME – the better standard of living.

CONTRACT CITY carries out building construction and all activities accompanying the process, as well as real estate trading. Over 30 years of dynamic development, which has not been interrupted for a single day by the challenging events in the industry.The ambitious idea started in 1992 from the friendship and common vision for the future of engineer Tano Neychev and engineer Lyubomir Chavdarov. Over the years, the company managed by them has won solid market positions and well-deserved prestige among customers, as well as in the circles of the construction-entrepreneurial community.From the beginning of 2020 Eng. Asen Chavdarov also became the manager, who worthily replaced his father, Eng. Lubomir Chavdarov, who took a well-deserved rest. He unconditionally follows the principles outlined by his father, but also has his own signature on the work of the company.

TOBO Group was founded in 1992 by engineer Anton Majdrakov and engineer Borislav Pashov. In 2000, Eng. Georgi Shopov joined as a partner.

Structure:The group develops its activities in three offices on the territory of the city of Sofia and one in the city of Haskovo.It has a design department of 35 people, a surveying department of 3 people, a research and processing department of 9 people, a sales department of 3 people, a legal department of 2 people, an administrative department of 3 people, a technical management department of 12 people. Depending on the executed objects, the executive staff reaches up to 160 people.The group functions through a structure of companies specialized in a certain activity and project companies. The owner of the companies is TOBO GROUP.

Company activity:The group carries out preliminary design studies, urban planning procedures, design, construction, commissioning of a wide range of objects such as residential blocks, gas stations, elevators, hotels, administrative and public buildings, industrial objects, public procurement projects.

TAL Engineering is an established leader in the construction industry, offering the full process of consultation, design, engineering, production and installation of facades and building coverage.The production facilities of TAL Engineering in Sofia have a capacity of 80,000 square meters of high quality facades, joinery and various products. We have state-of-the-art technical equipment and high performance machines that are managed with the help of high‑quality software solutions. The combination of modern technology, certified materials and trained professionals guarantee the quality, safety and strict compliance of European regulations and world standards in the work of TAL Engineering.

“Enev” company was established in 1991 with the object of activity design, manufacture and installation of products intended entirely for facade layout of residential and public buildings.The production resource of the company is organized in the village of Dibich, located at 16,000 m 2, with 7000 m2 built-up area. “Enev” OOD has built its own administrative and warehouse base in the city of Sofia as well.The company employs 50 people involved in the production of AL and PVC joinery, suspended facades, glass units, powder painting, metal structures, facing with composite panels . ceramic and HPL. Our company has equipment for the production of window frames from the company ELUMATEC – Germany and a line for the production of glass units TRIULZI – Italy.In addition to production, the company also develops trade in polycarbonate panels and accessories. Official representative for Bulgaria of high-quality polycarbonate brand Macrolux manufactured by Stabilit Suisse Switzerland . A commercial warehouse network has been built throughout the country.The company is a member of the Chamber of Builders.

Perfecto Group International was established in 1993. The main activity is in the field of architectural and engineering design of buildings and facilities, including residential buildings and complexes, administrative logistics, buildings with a special purpose such as embassies, hospitals, clinics, sports buildings, etc., hotels and complexes, remodeling and change of purpose, urban planning, as well as their construction, project management in construction, consulting services and pre-investment researches, real estate, import and installation of specialized and fire-resistant doors, production of sand-polymer tiles with “Castle” profile and trade with them outside Bulgaria, etc. The company has projects in infrastructure tunnel construction in Lebanon.