Alians Bulgaria France Elzas 2012

Alliance Bulgaria – France Alsace 2012 is established on 07.11.2012

The Alliance is a non-governmental civil organization and has the ambition to intensify Bulgarian-French relations and to build bridges of friendship and cooperation in the fields of culture, politics and economics with all countries of the world. The Alliance strongly believes by the idea that peoples come from historically free communities and that the spirit of freedom is embedded in them.

The modern world lives under the banner of terrorism and humanity faces a number of global issues.

The Alliance will support the efforts of the European Union and the world institutions to create and promote a peaceful and just world.

Alliance Bulgaria – France Alsace 2012 is active in several areas:

  1. Cultural– supports the efforts of Bulgarian and foreign governments in the field of cultural relations and the spiritual sphere.
  2. Political– works for the active cooperation and twinning of local territorial and municipal authorities.
  3. Economic– supports the private initiative and business contacts between Bulgaria and other countries, provides the necessary up-to-date economic information, promotes the integration processes, acquaints with the business environment and legislation in Bulgaria and the world, creates own economic structures and promotes equal economic contacts in the global world. In this regard, the Alliance is an important and irreplaceable part of the European Indo – Asian Association for Business, Culture and Friendship, the Bulgarian Construction and Trade Consortium, the Bulgarian – Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Bulgarian – Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  4. Actively supports political, economic and cultural cooperation between countries in the world, brings together the efforts of competent state authorities, members of the movement and all stakeholders, and accelerates the introduction of modern world experience, training and seminars to improve the qualifications of experts, studies, setting up target groups and regional branches.
  5. Alliance Bulgaria – France Alsace 2012 has the ambition to expand its activities and to co-operate with countries from all continents, to actively work and build in a spirit of friendship, mutual respect, peaceful approach, equality in international relations and constructivism. The main objective of the civil structure is to protect causes and ideas in the interests of the social, economic and social prosperity of all countries but in keeping with the historical, political, economic and spiritual specifics of the individual countries.

The management body of the Alliance Bulgaria – France Alsace 2012 is the general meeting. The membership is voluntary. Members can be the state, state institutions, municipalities, juridical and physical entities.

The association can do consulting, publishing and advertising activities, to organize educational courses as well as other business activities allowed by the law

Alliance Bulgaria – France Alsace 2012 accomplishes activities in favor of the society and is managed by Management Council  with President Veselin Koshev, executive director Georgi Shopov and members Prof. Diana Gergova, Alexandar Georgiev, Zlatka Ivanova and Emil Tonchev.

Contact info: Veselin Koshev, Sofia 1616, Boyana living complex, 7 Gerganitsa Str.

Ph: + 359 2 870 60 40, mobile + 359 888 70 83 66, e-mail: