Official visit to Kosovo and Albania


A delegation consisting of Mr. Veselin Koshev – Honorary Chairman of the Bulgarian Construction and Trade Consortium and member of the Management Board of the European Indo-Asian Association for Business and Culture and Mr. Gorcho Pasev – Co-President of BSTK and member of the Association’s management visited Kosovo and Albania for the period from 18 to 23.07.2017

The delegation held a number of meetings with representatives of local business and economic structures, as well as signed two important agreements. The Association of Kosovo Business /AKB/ in the person of its chairman Mr. Agim Shahini as well as the large Albanian economic structure “Sasha Holding” in the person of its Chairman Mr. Aleksander Gjurbavija signed an agreement to join our consortium and association. We wish our new partners and friends a long-term and fruitful cooperation.

A business meeting was held with Mr. Erdit Collaku, Director General of the Albanian National Agency for Tourism. Official talks have been held and other business organizations are about to join our two economic structures.

We express our special gratitude to the Consul of Bulgaria in Prishtina, Mr. Blagoi Petrov, for his exceptional assistance and selfless mutual assistance.

During the visit, our partners and friends from Kosovo and Albania were introduced to a number of offers and proposals for joint business by members of BSTK and the Association.