Diplomats without ties storm their native Black Sea

Friendly landing of ambassadors on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Ambassadors of 20 countries are meeting in the “Zornitsa Sands” SPA Hotel.

The guests from Belarus, Ukraine, South Africa, Venezuela, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Oman, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Venezuela, Georgia, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Algeria, etc., are on an official visit to the Bulgarian Black Sea.

The meeting, which has become a tradition, is part of the initiative to build a peaceful, creative and harmonious world, supported by diplomatic missions in partnership with business. The visit under the heading “Travel without ties” is at the invitation of Mr. Veselin Koshev, chairman of the European Movement for Democracy and Alliance Bulgaria France Alsace 2012, Mr. Georgi Georgiev, member of the Management of both structures, chairman of the Bulgaro-Iranian trade Chamber of Industry and owner of Construction Enterprise Holding Ltd. The host and facilitator of the traditional “Travel without ties” meeting is Mrs. Zornitsa Georgieva, owner of the “Zornitsa Sands” SPA Hotel in Elenite. After the series of official meetings, the guests immersed themselves in the cozy atmosphere of the “Zornitsa Sands” SPA Hotel, visited the resort Sunny Beach, enjoyed the ancient elegance of old Nessebar and tasted the exciting wine collection of Chateau Medovo.

Mrs. Zornitsa Georgieva initiated the establishment of the “International Women’s Club of Friendship.” The program of the newly created club laid down the solution of cultural and political issues and ideas supported by business and diplomacy.