Strymon Spa Club

The five star Strimon Spa Club hotel is located in the acknowledged for 25 centuries balneological resort Kyustendil also called “the town of the springs”. The long history of the city is closely connected with its healing mineral water. It is at the heart of the SPA procedures in the hotel and has an excellent effect in prevention and treatment of various diseases.
Strimon Spa Club is a renovated building from the middle of the last century. The luxurious and aristocratic atmosphere is the trademark of the hotel while the calmness, attention from the staff, and the good cuisine contribute to the adequate rest of our guests.
The climate of the resort is mild, moderately continental, with Mediterranean influence. The average annual air temperature is 11ºС. The summer is long and hot while the winter is relatively short and not very cold.
The temperature of the mineral water is 74ºС, and pH is 9.3. It is characterized as hydrocarbonate sodium sulfate, sulfide, fluoric and silicon, slightly radioactive, with alkaline reaction. It is suitable for drinking and external balneotherapy. For oral administration, a consultation with a physician is recommended.
Indications for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation: very effective for prevention and treatment of male and female sterility, locomotor system disorders, trauma-orthopedic and neurological diseases, skin diseases - chronic nonspecific dermatitis, eczemas, psoriasis, etc.
Strimon Spa Club together with “Med Bio Plus” medical centre, Gabrovo provides innovative approaches for prevention and rehabilitation of health based on the achievements in holistic medicine.
Natural and cultural sights: the Art Gallery “Vladimir Dimitrov-The Master”; the Museum of Dimitar Peshev; the Asclepion of Pautalia (II-III century); the Pirgova tower (XVI-XVII century); the Skakavishki waterfall. Annual cultural calendar: “Kystendil Spring” – March; “Cherry Holiday” - June.
The uniqueness of the tourist product offered by Strimon Spa Club consists of:
Its location – in the central park zone of the balneo resort, just a few minutes away from the centre of the town;
The unique for the resort luxury Spa centre located within the area of 1100 sq. m., using the curative mineral water;
The hospitality and guest care.
The five-star Strimon Spa Club offers its guests the following possibilities throughout the year:
Balneo - Spa Tourism;
Spa and Wellness Tourism;
Conference Tourism;
Team Building Tourism;
Touring and Educational Tourism;
Active Mountain Tourism;

List of the awards won by the hotel complex:
2013 – “SPA Hotel of the Balkans for 2012”
2008 - Golden Prize “The Best Five Star SPA Hotel” – award of the “Tourism and Rest” magazine in association with the International Exposition Vacation.
2007 - International Award for Tourism, Hotel and Catering Industry – New Millenium Award 2007, Golden Trophy
2006 - “SPA Hotel of the Year“ (10th anniversary award of BHRA);

What we do best

Unique Kyustendil - the city of Kyustendil is a balneological resort ranking second in air quality in Bulgaria.
The mineral water from Kyustendil springs is one of the 15 waters in the world with unique properties and exceptionally high negative redox potential.
Pool without chlorine - our swimming pool has crystal water purified using innovative technology without active chlorine. Wearing a swim cap in the pool is obligatory
"Vital" program - our “VITAL” program creates the best microclimate in the room during your stay.
Strimon Health Club - this program is based on the use of foods and beverages with guaranteed origin, without preservatives or enhancers. The food preparation technology is consistent with the modern knowledge in the field of healthy nutrition. Only in “Strimon Spa Club” you can drink purified alkaline microstructured water with negative redox potential and low surface tension – it’s the best water for your health.
“Antistress and Detox” Manager Program - our “ANTISTRESS AND DETOX” manager program is unique and the only one in Bulgaria, created due to our deep knowledge of countermeasures against consequences of the modern lifestyle full of stress and toxins.
"DEKLEP+X" Program - this therapy offers a complex and effective approach to better emotional and physical health. It’s a unique therapeutical system confirmed by the long-term experience of professor Khachatryan, our team of doctors, and by the developed and tested over many years methods of the world renowned scientists and holistic medicine specialists.
Strimon Life Academy - STRIMON LIFE ACADEMY is our “Life Academy”. We provide educational lectures, films and materials that help you stay young for as long as possible and grow old in the best possible condition maintaining a sound mind in a sound body.