Company TOBO Ltd. has got a built structure which take in the investigations and feasibility studies, working project in all parts with the engagements for approval of the municipality, supervising and all construction works up stout commissioning.

Currently TOBO Ltd. is formed by specialists structured in following 11 departments: Architectural, Civil engineering, Geodesy, Egineering, Law, Accounting, Supply, Administrative, Research, Real estates, Information.
TOBO Ltd. uses also width number of affiliated specialist - technologists, geologists, ecologists, environment engineers and many more, as well as more than 85 builders.

Bank guarantee
Construction company TOBO Ltd. gives a bank guarantee for the building period and for the quality of the workmanship. There is also a guarantee given for 12 months after the acceptance of the object in the form of an on-demand bond. The on-demand bond during the guarantee period will be negotiated on the base of the total amount of the project.
A demand bond will de given by the United Bulgarian Bank in Sofia, where the bank accounts of TOBO Ltd. are opened.

Contract period
Based on the outline information and the provided drawings, TOBO Ltd. considers the construction period, which is necessary for the fulfillment of the project in months.
The lasting depends on the technical parameters, the requirements and the volume of the project.
A time schedule and an operating workman hand schedule will be worked out in details and will be consulted with the Investor. TOBO Ltd. contacts all the subconstrustors required.

The represented project will be carefully studied by the respective departments; all the quantities will be checked and a list of the quantities of the materials will be worked out.
The Investor will receive samples, catalogues and certificates of all necessary building and installation materials.
All works will be done in accordance to the Bulgarian State Standards (BSS) and norms. The quality will be proved by a Supervisor. All requirements of the Investor are to be fulfilled.
The site management will be carried out by the site engineer and his assistants; all the installation works will be realized by installation groups and will be controlled by respective department engineers.
All the materials will be supplied in accordance to the schedule time and will be prepared and ordered after their arrival and storaged in advance.
TOBO Ltd. and the site management carry out for all requirements, so that the safety norms will be strictly fulfilled.