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Meetings in the Embassies of Belarus and Croatia

On 04.08.2017, working meetings were held with Mrs. Alma Ljubic - Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Bulgaria and with HE. Mr. Vladimir Voronkevich Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to Bulgaria as well as the trade attaché Mr. Oleg Belov.
With Mrs. Alma Ljubic issues related to the representation of the most famous Croatian companies in the food industry in Bulgaria were discussed, as well as issues in the field of tourism.
At the Embassy of Belarus, we discussed the idea and the preparation for a working visit to Minsk of an official delegation of the Association. We have thoroughly acquainted both diplomats with the aims and program intentions of the newly established Association, as well as our proposal for inclusion in the new structure of economic entities from Belarus and Croatia. The meetings passed into a very constructive and friendly atmosphere. On the Bulgarian side, Mr. Veselin Koshev and Mr. Gorcho Pasev were presented.



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