We, the business organizations that have joined this Agreement, believe that the current dynamic times
acquire more active regional cooperation between the economics subjects from the Euro-Asian region,
Having in mind that the countries from this region should trade and invest more between one another,
as in this way they will be less dependent from serious cataclysms of the world markets,
Aiming to establish a net of partners of business organizations from the Euro-Asian region in the name
of building more efficient cooperation, encouraging new initiatives in the sphere of investments and trade
practices as well as ensuring an economical development in the countries from this region.

With regard to this they have agreed on the following:

1. Establishing of a Euro-Asian community for economic cooperation (EACEC) that is not time limited.

2. The community will encourage and assist the activities of its business organizations members aiming
to enlarge the trade and economic relations between the countries from the Euro-Asian region, through:
– assisting in establishing of cooperation between economics subjects of the represented parties and for
strengthening the relations built between them;
– assisting in cooperation between the Community’s members through broadening the content of
information available for them at any moment, and through permanent exchange of data, information,
analyses, etc., including through creating of the EACEC’s website;
– suggesting facilitations for visits of businessmen from one country to another from the countries of
the Community’s members and more rational use of the business visits for achieving of the above-
mentioned aims.

3. The Community’s members will cooperate with one another as well as will give assistance to other
business organizations recommended to them; will provide and organize within their capabilities the following
services, but not thoroughly:
– consultations on business activities: providing of business information; elaboration of economical
profile of the economics subjects; give assistance to the members during implementation of a trade
activity; planning, development and management of personnel; patents, trade marks and protection of
industrial property; application and requirements of trade and custom regimes; evaluation of assets and
the aims of the companies;
– consultations on law questions: registration of associations; elaboration of trade and specific treaties;
arguments arisen from infringement of treaties relations;
– consultations on investment projects: elaboration of project proposals for financing; elaboration of
business plans and projects; preparation of auctions and competition documents and application
packages; providing information on financial and insurance questions, franchising and risk capital;
– consultations on marketing researches: domestic and international markets; elaboration of analyses
and development strategies; information on a certain sector condition, branch and region, the goods
markets and prices;
– consultations on tax questions;
– offices and representatives of the EACEC’s members abroad.

4. The Community’s members could be business organizations (trade companies, concerns, holdings,
etc.) registered according to the national legislations of the countries from Europe and Asia.

5. In order to be accepted for a member of the EACEC there should be submitted a wish for joining to
this Agreement in written form, which to be addressed to the Community’s coordinator. He informs through
email the members for the new membership request. If, within seven days after the submission of the
membership request, none of the members of the EACEC objects that membership request in written form the
Community’s coordinator issues a Certificate for membership of the joined business organization.

6. A membership is terminated after an expressed wish for that in written form addressed to the
Community’s coordinator from the time of its submission.

7. Temporary EACEC’s coordinator is the initiator for its establishment:
Bulgarian construction and commercial consortium, registered according to the Bulgarian legislation.

8. The Community elects assistant coordinators in each EACEC representing country.

9. The headquarter is in the city of Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria.

10. AECEC working languages are Russian and English.

11. The text of this Agreement could be amended, supplemented and abolished if two-thirds of the
Community’s members support such changes.


Bulgarian construction and commercial consortium
Eng. Georgi Shopov