“KATRIN-KO” Ltd is a fast developing industrial trade company with entirely private capital and it is the successor of the mark “Rubikon”.
Established in 2008, today it is one of the most famous companies in Bulgaria in the sphere of food production, mainly in the canning industry.
The company is producer of tomato sauce – ketchup, tomato puree, pepper relish, sauce pizza and tomato based sauces. After that follows the production of mayonnaise, mustard, dressing sauces, bee honey – poly flora and acacia and pine-cone honey, cultivated mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, whole unpeeled tomatoes, roast aubergine, green peas, string beans, king’s pickles, gyuvech, etc.
The packing of our products is various – catering packaging by 15g and 20g, glass jars from 175g to 900g, metal tins .from 400g to 5kg, as well as metal barrels with metal caps by 290kg, PVC buckets with PVC caps from 1kg to 19kg.
We use only quality components and materials. The production is oriented as to local market as well to foreign markets.
Our factory is situated in Rakovski Industrial Zone – in the heart of South Bulgaria where the sunniest fruits and vegetables grow. It was built on an area of 63 000 m2 and built-up area of 10 420 m2. It has the following workshops:
1st : Workshop for tomato puree, ketchup, pepper relish and different types of tomato based sauces.;
2nd : Workshop for mayonnaise, mustard and dressing sauces;
3rd : Workshop for honey and jam;
4th : Workshop for cultivated mushrooms;
5th : Workshop for fruit and vegetables sterilization;
6th : Vacuum evaporator and fruit juice production.
The factory has a microbiological and physical-chemical laboratory, where the raw materials’ quality is controlled, 50-tons weighing machine, its own water source and gas-main. It was built according to all norms and requirements of the European Union. We have equipment that few of the East-European Countries dispose. In this way we eliminate the possibility of production mistakes and according to the relevant standards we can certify the factory and all the customers who buy from us.
To be entirely in our clients favour every season we offer them the best products we have produced. All our production processes are managed by a team of technologists who have specialized in Europe and are well-known in Bulgaria and abroad.
Thanks to the high professionalism, the quality services, the strict control over the full production cycle and the good production base, the company guarantees high quality of its products. Permanently appointed employees are 63 and during the high season they increase to 100.
Since its establishment till now KATRIN-KO LTD has built its own distributor network covering the whole territory of Bulgaria. Over the last years the company has managed to confirm long-lasting business relations with partners like BILLA, KAUFLAND, SANNY, MEGAMARINA. LEXI, SUNNY RAYS and has increased the export of ketchup, tomato paste and mayonnaise in countries like Italy, France, Romania, Poland, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia etc.
The last news about the company is the opening a new vacuum evaporator and fruit juice production line, sterilization workshop with potentiality 48000 cans for 8 hours, general capacity of the factory – 12000 tons per year, and also certifying the factory on ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP. We work hard for obtaining IFS certificate too.
The team of KATRIN-KO Ltd is ready to co-operate with all the companies which are interested in working together and hopes for good future contacts with such firms from Bulgaria and abroad.