Omay eco settlement

Omay eco settlement is situated in southwest part of Bulgaria in the region of Gotce Delchev and is located at the territory of Natural Park Slavianka – Alibotush. The region is known with its unique geology, climate, exceptional flora and fauna, and above all with its unique ecology.
In the past /before 1989/ a visit in the region was considerably limited due to the near country border distance and that is why the Nature there is preserved virgin and unspoiled.
The Omay is on 15 kilometers distance from Ilinden cross border Омая, on 70 kilometers from Bansko ski resort, on 25 kilometers from Ognianovo spa and on 90 kilometers from Kavala – a city located in the Aegean Sea.
The Omay eco settlement area is 500 decares and is a harmonious combination of human ideas with natural landmarks which creates an atmosphere of heavenly spot of the earth.
Each of the seventh houses is a unique in its idea, architecture, realization and atmosphere. Built by natural materials they offer comfort and coziness to its dwellers.
The houses and restaurant capacity is for 14 persons. The menu is ecologically pure and prepared with products from a specialized farm in the settlement /fresh fish – sheat-fish, pike, carp, for example/.
Visitors can enjoy fishing by themselves in two reservoirs with total area of 150 decares.
A real restaurant jewel “Be on a visit to Eden” has started working recently at the eco settlement. It is a combination of luxury and intimacy, harmoniously combined with unique nature. The restaurant has from 6 to 8 seats, the one and only eco menu in Bulgaria and a remarkable collection of world famous brands of wines and spirits.
Everything at the Omay eco settlement provokes a sensation of unreality and illusion, yet it is a real place and everyone can assure him/herself in that and to touch it as well.
The Omay eco settlement is situated at the foot of Slavianka Mountain on an area of 500 decares of mixed wood, green lawns and two lakes.

Houses description:
Built by stone, clay and wood, on an enough space between one another there are six one-room and one two-room houses. Each of them has a TV set, a fire-place, an electric radiator, a refrigerator, a separate bath, mobile phone.

A house for two persons: 260 BGN
Two-room house: 400 BGN
Using of an additional bed: 50 BGN
Using of a child cot: 20 BGN
Breakfast is included in the price.
Check-in after 14.00
Check-out before 12.00

For three nights stay 15%
For six nights stay 30%
For the restaurant:
Consistent with the complex’s capacity the chef prepares /based on guests’ wish/ requested meal, including from their fish reservoirs.
The Omay eco settlement offers: hunting, fishing, boats, water wheels, bicycles, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, open swimming pool.
At the eco settlement there are built natural spots and barbeques.
The mountain offers route wood, natural and historical landmarks, monasteries. It allows the visitors to experience the Old Bulgarian traditions and handicrafts.
All complex’s equipments are used gratis for the dwellers.
Services and facilities: massages, room service 20%, gratis Internet, tourist information, parking.