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On 17.04.2017 in Sofia our economic structures established the European Indo-Asian Association for Business, Culture and Friendship.
The new association has the praiseworthy ambition to maintain active, mutually beneficial contacts and relations with countries in the region, to find partners and expand Bulgaria's cooperation with India, Indonesia, Iran, China, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and other countries from the region, as well as looking for economic partners from all over the world.
The association will present up-to-date information on forthcoming auctions, joint venture offers, opening trade representations, and finding reliable economic partners. The headquarters of the association will be in Sofia and the Central Representation for the region in Delhi, India.
The European Indo-Asian Association for Business, Culture and Friendship has elected its governing and control council and declared its willingness to open an economic structure with freely associated members from Bulgaria and abroad.